Hackney Council and Malborough Highways working towards planting 5,000 new trees by 2022

Marlborough Highways and Hackney Council’s street tree team are working together to plant the 5,000 new street trees which are set to be planted in the borough by 2022, along with 1,000 new trees and 30,000 saplings in parks and green spaces, as part of the Council’s commitment to reach net zero emissions by 2040 and respond to the Climate Emergency.

Offering additional greenery, shade and benefits to mental health and wellbeing, the new street trees will see on-street canopy cover increase from 20% to 30% by 2022, playing an important role in filtering polluted air, sequestering carbon, providing more shade and reducing extreme temperatures in the summer and helping to mitigate local flooding.

The species planted are a mixture of native and non-native trees, ensuring that trees are appropriate for their setting, and resilient to pests and the changing climate.


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