Half-ton electric bike poses latest threat to London pedestrians

Thousands of half-ton electric cargo bikes that look like “small articulated trucks” are set to arrive in London next year despite concerns over public safety.

Campaigners have warned that the vehicles, which will weigh up to 650kg when fully loaded, could lead to a rise in injuries among pedestrians, says The Daily Telegraph.

The ePack vehicle, which resembles a cross between a Fisher-Price toy car and a cargo bicycle, includes an enclosed cab and a hi-tech system of cameras and screens in place of mirrors – all for towing a detachable trailer.

Tee Blackwood, Cityshuttle’s spokesman claimed the business already has orders for 1,500 vehicles.

Transport for London hopes that 17 per cent of cargo delivery journeys in the capital will be made by bicycle by the year 2030.

Despite concerns that the half-ton, electrically-propelled, articulated vehicle is not a bike, Keith Jones, Cityshuttle’s founder argued: “It’s predominantly a small, articulated truck… it’s got pedals, and it’s got a 250 watt motor. So it’s a bike. And that’s it.”

The website states: “An EAPC, which complies with the above is not considered to be a motor vehicle within the meaning of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 and the Road Traffic Act 1988.”

A passenger-carrying variant of the bike, seats two people in surprising comfort, complete with heated seats and large windows through which passengers can enjoy the astonished stares of passers-by.

(Pic – Cityshuttle)


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