Highland Council updates on 20mph programme

The Highland Council has announced that the work to design its 20mph speed limit programme has progressed to a stage were the plans for the locations included in the programme can be viewed by the public.

This work currently incorporates 116 villages and towns within Highland and is fully funded by Transport Scotland. 

Chair of the Council’s Economy and Infrastructure Committee, Councillor Ken Gowans said: “Reducing speed on our roads helps to create a safer, more pleasant, environment, encouraging people to walk, wheel and cycle and enjoy spending time in their communities. In addition, it is expected that environmental and air quality benefits will be realised if safer road conditions result in increased levels of walking and cycling.

“The road safety benefits will be felt in each one of these 116 communities with their residents. including children accessing schools and play spaces and pedestrians and cyclists accessing local amenities, including shops local community centres etc doing so in a safer and more pleasant road environment.”

The new limit extents for each area can be viewed online on the Highland Council website by selecting www.highland.gov.uk/20mph then the location in question.

The next stage in the delivery of the programme is the timetabling of the works required to introduce the new speed limits in the areas listed and this is ongoing with the first delivery date expected for June 2023.

(Picture – Yay Images)


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