Highways Voices hears enforcement authorities must earn compliance

The latest Highways Voices podcast from Highways News features an in-depth interview with one of the UK’s leading experts on enforcement, who explains how to make sure the public support technology to ensure compliance on the road. Listen here.

Assistant Managing Director Geoff Collins of Jenoptik told hosts Paul Hutton and Adrian Tatum that enforcement should never been seen as money making, but as a war on bad driving.

“Bad driving and bad driving behaviours are things that make the road worse for other people,” explained Collins. “And I think that’s one of the one of the things that needs to be addressed by the the operators of technology is to make people appreciate why something is happening rather than it’s just a blind autonomous thing. at the side of the road. You earn compliance and you earn respect rather than demand it.”

Collins, who’s also the Chair of ITS (UK)’s Enforcement Forum, discussed public engagement, making sure any penalties are just, Home Office Type Approval and ensuring the public are informed about the benefits of a system.

“I believe it’s the responsibility of that road authority to communicate what is happening, why it’s happening, how it’s being done,” he explains. “[There are] some really good examples of things that transport Scotland do, where they will put up a dedicated website, which relates to the project, and it has all of the history of the project, the data behind it, meetings that have happened, decisions that have been made, and then ongoing publishing of data, which basically justifies the reason that this is happening. I have seen this work fantastically well on a number of projects, and I strongly advocate sharing data explaining why things are happening.”

During the interview we also hear comments from Videalert Director Rob Kinch and the CEO of Redflex Mark Talbot.

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