How Lincolnshire Police spends the money collected from speeding fines

More than £1 million was collected by Lincolnshire Police from speeding drivers in the past year – but how did they spend that money?

Across the 40 cameras in the county, which vary between fixed and average, 43,737 offences were detected between May 2023 and May 2024.

Some of these motorists were caught at staggering speeds, with the highest being a driver travelling at 142mph on the A1 northbound at Barrowby near Grantham, says Lincs Online.

When a car is caught by a camera, within 14 days a notice of prosecution is sent which requires the driver’s name to be given to the police. After this they will be issued a fixed penalty notice of £100, a letter for court or the option to attend a speed awareness course.

Fines collected from each of the speed cameras are paid straight to HM Treasury, although the police force does get the money people pay to complete a speed awareness course.

Run by the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership, the courses cost £90 and last for two hours and 45 minutes.

In the past financial year the force received £1,101,375 from 24,475 people completing a course. The money has been spent in the following areas:

• Staff costs
• Consumables
• Printing and postage for more than 50,000 Notice of Intended Prosecutions and subsequent letters
• Hardware, software, maintenance and repair costs for speed cameras and offence processing systems
• Vehicle maintenance, fuel and insurance
• Operational equipment
• Accident prevention equipment
• Accommodation and related costs
• Police-related road safety, education, training, and publicity activity


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