M20 Operation Brock work getting underway

Work to install a moveable barrier on the M20 designed to cope with cross-channel disruption is getting underway in Kent.

The Operation Brock work involves installing a Moveable Barrier System to be deployed when required as part of a contraflow to permit the motorway and junctions to remain open if there are problems at the Channel ports.

The system will allow port-bound lorries to be held on the motorway while all other traffic continues to have access to the motorway in both directions.

Unlike the previous solution implemented in 2019, this new Moveable Barrier System allows the M20 to be returned to normal conditions at 70mph when not required within several hours instead of weeks.

There will be overnight closures of the M20 London bound to install the seven and a half miles of temporary safety barriers. Behind these safety barriers our workforce will be delivering a range of work concurrently, including pavement repairs, drainage repairs, road markings and stud work, crash barrier work, central reservation gate installation, CCTV system installation and the installation of the new moveable barriers at the back of the M20 London bound hard-shoulder.

Highways England says it is working hard to make this solution ready for December 2020. This is when the Brexit transition period comes to an end.


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