Motormax design ‘pioneering’ safety solution for Ringway Jacobs traffic management fleet

Leading vehicle safety solutions provider and CLOCS Champion, Motormax has announced its recent collaboration with highway service provider Ringway Jacobs and traffic management vehicle specialist Acklea. Motormax’s solution – the first of its kind – meant Ringway Jacobs traffic management vehicle met the high safety standards required and could be commissioned into the fleet.

Motormax were tasked with designing a solution which meant if the tail lift was not stowed correctly the vehicle would be immobilised. Motormax also provided an additional range of products including a driver assistance alarm installed to the handbrake, seat belt and side door, and a live forward-facing camera, all of which assist the driver when manoeuvring.

David Bonehill, Ringway Jacobs Head of Fleet and Plant, added, “We were looking for a partner who could guarantee collaborative working and product innovation. With the benefit of designing and manufacturing their own products, elements of the safety solutions fitted to our vehicles are completely bespoke. Without Motormax’s safety system, our new traffic management vehicle could not have been commissioned into our fleet.” 

Clive Brocklehurst, Acklea Product Manager, commented, “The products we needed were not available and Motormax was the only company that came back with a solution. Without the expertise of Motormax, this project wouldn’t have gone forwards and their pioneering technology meant we could meet Ringway Jacob’s high standards.” 

The solution was the result of the Motormax product development team working closely with all parties to design an effective solution. Jonathan Haycock, Motormax Director, explains, “Acklea approached us with a very specific challenge. Through our consultation period with Ringway Jacobs, not only did we meet the requirement, but we also delivered a best-in-class solution.” 

Philip Horton, Ringway Jacobs Managing Director, added, “We’re really proud to receive a RoSPA Gold Award for the fifth consecutive year for our safety performance. This reflects our commitment to ensure safety of our staff, customers and supply chain partners. Working with Motormax is a key part of improving the safety of our fleet and we look forward to the partnership ahead.” 

A bespoke solution was designed which immobilised the vehicle when the tail lift is not stowed. Safetymax technology also delivers an image and a spoken voice warning which alerts the driver. Warnings were also installed to the near and offside doors, handbrake and seat belt.

Our Safetymax technology has also enabled us to include a 360-degree parking sensor system which activates below 10mph, and a live DVR system which delivers footage from four cameras also aiding the driver with low-speed manoeuvres from images from the nearside camera and the rear camera. All this information is delivered to the driver via the on-dash monitor.

This vehicle is the first of its kind fitted out with Safety Features preventing the vehicle to move if the tail lift is not in its stowed position. All parties involved in the design and build of this unique vehicle are extremely proud on its outcome which has gone above and beyond the original requirements for this vehicle.


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