National Highways launch ‘Little Changes, Change Everything’ campaign to tackle ‘middle lane hogging’

National Highways has developed a new road safety campaign, ‘Little changes, change everything’, with the goal to change drivers’ potentially dangerous behaviour when behind the wheel.

The campaign aims to motivate motorists to ‘transform their own journeys and those of fellow road users’.

As a part of the campaign, the Government agency stated that safety was the ‘number one priority’, and that they are aiming to at least halve the number of people killed or seriously injured on roads across the country by the end of 2025. They also revealed that the longer-term target is to achieve a ‘zero-harm network’.

The first wave of the campaign launched in March and the second wave is currently in place until June 1st 2024. National Highways is looking to raise awareness of two driving behaviours that can make a big difference.

The first is that drivers should drive in the left-hand lane when driving conditions allow. The second is that drivers should keep at least a two second gap between themselves and the vehicle in front.

National Highways is looking to reduce the number of people injured or killed on UK roads through reducing the number of drivers ‘hogging’ the middle lane and following people too closely.

The campaign states: “By keeping left and staying at least two seconds behind the vehicle in front, you can help to reduce congestion and collisions.”

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