National Highways publishes Annual Report

National Highways has published its Annual Report and Accounts 2021-22, Efficiency Report 2021-22, and the Delivery Plan Update for 2022-23. The publications are available here

The Annual Report and Accounts outlines its progress towards achieving key performance indicators for the second road period, in the second year of this road period. This highlights National Highways’ strategic performance, including its progress in operations, maintenance, renewals and enhancement programmes throughout the year, with seven major and seven regional road schemes opened to traffic in 2021-22.

It has published what it calls an ambitious net zero carbon plan, Net zero highways: our 2030/2040/2050 plan and has converted a third of its light fleet vehicles to hybrid.

It points to its sustainability report detailing key achievements in 2021-22 using its designated funds programme where it says it has increased safety and delivered biodiversity units, whilst reducing congestion and mitigating noise.

The National Highways Efficiency Report expands on its performance in delivering the efficiency KPI over last year. This technical report details the £259 million efficiencies generated in 2021-22, with cumulative efficiencies of £502 million, passing the year two efficiency milestone of £471 million.

It says its Delivery Plan Update shows how it will build on the progress made over the first two years of the second road period.

National Highways says this year will see it focus on reducing the impact on road users of necessary road maintenance work to safely improve our customers’ experience as part of its customer service strategy. It will start work on a further nine major projects, with 12 schemes set to open to traffic in 2022-23.

“This year we will also build on our Environmental Sustainability Action Plan and publish our Environmental Sustainability Strategy,” it says. “Throughout the year, we will continue to progress partnership opportunities to maximise biodiversity delivery on our land and will publish a Biodiversity Report as per the Environment Act 2021. We will also publish the Strategic Road Network Initial Report this year as part of the Road Investment Strategy process, which sets out our proposals and recommendations to Department for Transport for the third road period (2025-2030).”

(Picture – National Highways)


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