Nota AI highlights how technology can reduce Vulnerable Road User risk

The South Korean traffic solutions company Nota AI, which specialises in using Artificial Intelligence to better manage road safety, will explain to delegates at the ITS European Congress in Lisbon next week how technology can be used to reduce vulnerable road user related accident risks.

The Seoul-based start-up has pioneered an AI safe crossing solution Nota AI uses AI technology to analyse traffic monitoring CCTV images to detect the movement of vehicles in real time. It then works out when accidents could occur up to three seconds before they happen through the short-term trajectory prediction, which means people can be warned of hazardous situations through various ways of notifications. Autonomous vehicles can notice the message with V2X communication, and general drivers and Vulnerable Road Users can be noticed with conventional alarms such as LED lights and speakers.

Nota AI is explaining its solution in a Special Interest Session called “Vulnerable Road Users versus motor vehicles – Can technology keep them safe?” The panellists will discuss how technology, including the AI Safe Crossing solution, can reduce pedestrian accident risks from various technological perspectives.

“Our participation on this panel allows us to demonstrate how our AI Safe Crossing solution can be used as part of a holistic approach to Vulnerable Road User safety,” commented Seri An, General Manager of Nota AI’s Europe subsidiary who will be presenting in Lisbon. “AI Safe Crossing can prevent accident scenarios such as signal violations, poor visibility due to surrounding obstacles, and even dilemma situations for turning vehicles. I look forward to joining other panellists in discussing the various ways we can use technology to reduce death and injury on the world’s highways.”

Delegates in Lisbon with an interest in smart cities and safety improvement, including local governments and companies involved in signal control systems are encouraged to join the Special Interest Session, which takes place on Tuesday 23 May between 10.30 and 11.30 in Room 1.9.

Nota AI will also be presenting AI Safe Crossing as a standalone presentation on the Exhibition Stage on Wednesday 24 May between 2 and 3pm.

(Picture – Nota AI)


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