Nota AI installs advanced smart crosswalk solution to enhance road safety

The South Korean traffic solutions start-up Nota AI, which specialises in using Artificial Intelligence to better manage road intersections, has installed a smart crosswalk on a main road in the country to improve real-time safety for pedestrians in a busy city.

To ensure safe driving practices, vehicles approaching the crossing will be instructed to reduce their speed through an electronic board displaying the remaining signal information. This will continue until the pedestrian crossing signal turns green from red. It also shows safe driving messages, the time and weather information. The method of displaying messages can be tailored to match the unique features of each project.

The display is linked to Nota AI’s technology continually analysing traffic monitoring CCTV images to detect the movement of vehicles in real time. This works out if accidents could occur up to three seconds before they happen through the short-term trajectory prediction. People are then warned of hazards via the display board.

It has been installed in Pangyo Techno Valley, 12 miles south of the capital, Seoul, which is a complex focussing on information technology, biotech, cultural technology and fusion technology. This implementation is one of four in the city to demonstrate Nota AI’s Safe Crossing technology anywhere in the world as part of an AI technology demonstration testbed project supported by Gyeonggi-do Business and Science Accelerator. It has not only been subject to a detailed evaluation and helped form close relationships with researchers in the country but also provided experience and technical expertise and helped overcome real-world challenges regarding CCTV footage and on-road implementation, and technical V2X and signage expertise.

Nota AI explains, “Nota AI Safe Crossing can effectively prevent accidents since it provides selective information for hazardous situations, enhancing the system’s reliability before human perception-reaction time (PRT). We expect AI Safe Crossing can prevent accident scenarios such as signal violations, poor visibility due to surrounding obstacles, and even dilemma situations for right-turning vehicles. This system is expected to play an important role in C-ITS intersection’s safety system by expressing less than one-second short-term information on the LDM [Local Dynamic Map] by processing video data in real-time with Edge AI without V2X I2X communications.”

(Picture – Nota AI)


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