OEMs can “generate $1600 per vehicle from Connected Car services”

The evolution of mobile connectivity has accelerated at an unprecedented pace. From the foundational 2G that introduced cellular networks to the transformative 4G that revolutionized video streaming, each generation of mobile technology has brought profound changes. Now, with 5G, we are entering an era of “isolated connected solutions” such as 5G-enabled factories, campuses, and stadiums, according to Forbes.

But the future promises an interconnected world where everything from personal devices to city infrastructure is linked, creating what I envision as a seamless “connected living” where we will be connected at the personal, community, and city levels. Imagine a future where everything is connected, from personal devices to city infrastructure. In this interconnected world, even our cars will transform into vital nodes in a vast network.

Forget the traditional view of cars as mere transportation vessels, says Forbes. The vehicles of tomorrow will be central elements in a connected living ecosystem. Imagine a car that drives you autonomously, manages your daily schedule, orders groceries, integrates with your smart home and office devices, acts as a health kiosk, and more. This transformation has turned cars into golden geese for automakers, capable of driving continuous revenues across their lifetimes. Connected cars have evolved beyond being mere data generators for fleet management and safety compliance. They now perform myriad functions previously confined to smartphones and unlock new realms of connectivity with the touch of a button.


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