unveils a ‘New era in roadway management and collaboration’ has launched Plan Share to the US market. This advanced platform revolutionizes permitting and road construction collaboration from project concept to completion, by digitally managing permit requests and traffic management plans through the entire process. It eliminates redundant data entry, removing the need for emails and separate document management.

From traffic engineers and construction managers to public information officers and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) specialists, Plan Share is tailored to meet the specific needs and challenges of the entire American transportation sector including state and local agencies, contractors, consultants, and even utility companies. With its initial deployment with Florida DOT already underway, Plan Share promises to streamline the entire road construction lifecycle from beginning to end.

Plan Share addresses the essential need for a unified communication system across various agencies by offering a high-quality, consistent data communication platform that transforms the permit to publish process. It modernizes road closure planning by replacing outdated hand-drawn maps and spreadsheet tracking with a robust, mobile-optimized road management platform. This innovation ensures precise project execution, allows contractors and state agencies to access real-time information on adjacent projects, and avoids conflicts on roadways. Plan Share also enhances transparency throughout the permitting and planning approval processes, significantly reducing the likelihood of plan rejections. The platform enables internal teams and third parties, including construction and utility companies, to efficiently create, manage, and submit permit applications and project documentation directly through the portal.

As projects progress from the planning phase, through active work zones to project completion, Plan Share provides near real-time monitoring that supports rapid decision-making and effective communication with road users. This is achieved through integration with’s Traffic Management platform and the Live Link work zone safety app. By leveraging historical traffic data, Plan Share facilitates strategic planning and ensures that traffic disruptions are managed efficiently. This comprehensive approach not only streamlines workflows from permit approval to live project updates but also directly publishes vital work zone information to commercial navigation providers, including Google and Waze, ensuring that all road users have access to the latest developments for safer and more informed travel.’s Chief Commercial Officer Simon Topp says the platform will dramatically streamline the normally confusing and disorganized process of road construction collaboration. “This is the missing part of the puzzle for road construction,” he said. “Plan Share is a proven tool, ready for use. We have deployed it already at the state DOT level and with cities and counties across the United States, meaning agencies, consultants construction companies, and the public can be assured the platform will save them time, effort and money, a powerful trifecta for road construction.”


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