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UK-based road management and roadworks data technology provider has announced it’ll be working with the Central Florida Expressway Authority (CFX) to create a Lane Closure Notification System (LCNS) pilot project for the area’s toll roads.

CFX’s roads include some of the world’s busiest tourist corridors. The new LCNS, powered by the solution, will allow CFX to communicate roadway disruptions to the public and other stakeholders, improving the safety and efficiency of the network.

The project will include’s mapping, traffic management, permitting and real-time work zone notification software that will provide traffic engineers with a single operational view of all lane closures, as well as maintenance and construction activities throughout the entire CFX network. This LCNS pilot program will last nine months.

“We’re thrilled to be collaborating with CFX, an innovative agency that serves one of the greatest tourist destinations in the world,” said James Harris, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of “We’re delivering timely work zone and lane closure information into cars and onto drivers’ devices when they need it most. It adds a critical layer of safety, not only for crews in work zones, but also for drivers who are navigating roads they’ve never seen before.”

The LCNS pilot will utilize’s Live Link smart phone app that gives workers the ability to geometrically map out lane closures for each work zone, and with the push of a button, close and open the lanes right from the roadside in near real-time. Through Live Link’s digital updates, workers can deliver information to the solution including whether workers are present and any change in speed limits associated with the closure. The information is then provided directly to GPS companies so they can update their maps for the safety and planning benefit of the driving public.

To help streamline maintenance and construction communications processes, CFX will be one of the first agencies in the US to utilise’s Plan Share platform that eliminates the need for spread sheets and emails to track agency lane closure requests. Plan Share gives internal teams and third parties, including utility companies and other agencies, the ability to create, manage and submit permit applications and project documentation through Plan Share will empower CFX to coordinate all roadway disruptions and know precisely when projects are scheduled to begin and end, avoiding potential conflicts that could contribute to congestion or create safety issues. Used in conjunction with the Live Link app, it will give traffic managers a big picture view of authorized roadway work, with the ability to verify the accuracy of lane closures and openings in near real-time.

As part of the agreement, will also create a Work Zone Data Exchange (WZDx) feed that can be input into CFX’s advanced traffic management system (ATMS) to provide closure data for added situational awareness on the roadway. CFX’s Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) team will be able to use this data over time to analyse traffic patterns and other roadway impacts for future planning and traffic management purposes.

“Using data and technology is the key to reducing congestion on our roadway and improving the quality of life that we’re all desperately seeking,” said Harris.

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