Pressure group publishes “serious concerns” over LTC road safety

A group opposed to the construction of the Lower Thames Crossing to the east of the existing Dartford Tunnels and QE2 Bridge have published a series of safety concerns based on Highways England’s own data.

The Thames Crossing Action Group says its has obtained a copy of the Appraisal Summary Table via a Freedom of Information request, where Highways England admit, “there are forecast to be 2,147 additional accidents over 60 years, including 26 fatalities, 220 serious injuries and 3,122 slight injuries.”

It says the Department for Transport’s COBALT tool has been used by HE to appraise accidents and shows a net increase in the number and value of accidents across the road network due to the Project. It adds there is one location which is predicted to have a decrease in casualties as a result of a decrease in traffic flows, but five locations that are predicted to have an increase in casualties as a result of an increase in traffic flows.

TCAG says it has contacted Highways England – now being rebranded National Highways – with a number of questions in relation to this information, including asking for further details of where these locations where they predict increases and decrease in casualties. It promises to issue an update as and when it gets further details.

(Picture – Highways England)


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