Prioritising safety and wildflower conservation in Essex this grass-cutting season

Essex Highways is conserving wildflower species in verges across 90 locations in Essex. 

Where safe, certain roadside verges will be left uncut throughout May until late June. 

They provide sanctuary for nationally scarce wildlife species. These include such as Sulphar Clover, Lesser Calamint, and Crested Cow Wheat. 

Essex Highways is working with its arboriculture team to identify special roadside verges. Around 40 miles of road verges across Essex are recognised as beneficial for wildflowers.

For the verges not included, the yearly mowing works will begin this month. Essex Highways will roll out a targeted grass-cutting strategy to improve visibility on roads and junctions. Grass within a metre from road edges will be trimmed to ensure clear sight lines.

Councillor Tom Cunningham, Cabinet Member for Highways, Infrastructure and Sustainable Transport at Essex County Council, said: 

While the safety and visibility of Essex’s roads is of paramount importance, it’s wonderful we’ve been able to identify verges across Essex that can be left to grow during the spring to conserve wildflower species.



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