Project COMO: City of Essen and PTV Group drive digitalization of urban mobility

PTV Group is supporting the City of Essen in the digitalization of its transport system. As part of the international umbrella brand Umovity, the software company is spearheading the project Connected Mobility Essen (COMO) dedicated to advancing interconnected and intelligent traffic management within the German city.

Within the COMO project, a digital traffic control centre is under development to aggregate all relevant traffic data. This encompasses various metrics such as vehicle counts throughout the day, speed patterns, weather conditions, city events, and public transport data from the Ruhrbahn. This comprehensive repository of historical and real-time data forms the foundation for proactive, environmentally conscious traffic management. Leveraging real-time traffic management solutions like PTV Flows and PTV Optima, which integrate machine learning and dynamic traffic models, enables the provision of live updates on current traffic conditions and forecasts traffic developments up to 60 minutes ahead. This empowers traffic managers to respond effectively to both anticipated and unexpected events.

To evaluate the functionality of the new connected system in practical scenarios, two real-world laboratories are currently being established along the Ruhrallee and the main northern access roads to the city center. Approximately 50 intersections are being outfitted with traffic detectors, while 15 environmental sensors are being deployed to monitor air quality.

“We are honored to contribute to this groundbreaking project in Essen. Collaborating with our project partners, we are developing a cutting-edge, connected traffic system aimed at reducing congestion, enhancing air quality, and fostering future-oriented urban mobility. With this initiative, Essen is poised to emerge as a trailblazer in smart mobility within Germany,” remarks Christian U. Haas, CEO of the PTV Group.

Project COMO receives funding from the Federal Ministry of Digital and Transport as part of the “Digitalisation of municipal transport systems” funding guideline. Key project partners include Benz + Walter, Bosch, itk Engineering, Yunex Traffic, and pwp Systems.

PTV will showcase the COMO project at Intertraffic 2024 in Amsterdam from April 16th to 19th (booth #216, hall 2). A presentation as part of the PTV In-booth Sessions on Thursday, April 18 at 2:45 p.m. at the PTV booth will provide additional in-depth insights.

(Picture – Thomas Lukassek/Dreamstime)


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