Public transport use could fall after COVID restrictions are lifted

There could be a decline in public transport use by 20% after COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, according to a report by transport consultants, SYSTRA.

Members of the public surveyed, said they would avoid journeys on public transport unless health concerns are taken seriously and other commuters change their traveling habits fir work.

Passengers surveyed said they would avoid journeys unless health concerns are taken seriously, and commuters change their working travel habits.

Approximately 49% of those surveyed,  were expecting to reduce their use of public transport will do so because of concerns about getting ill, 24% said they will work from home more, and 14% said they have found another way of making their journey.

SYSTRA Business Development Director Chris Pownall said: “When we go back to normal, we won’t go back to the old normal. Instead, we’ll enter a new normal where many people realise that they have more choice about where they work, how they get to work, and how they conduct their day-to-day business.”

Some 17% of full and part-time workers believe they will work from home far more once COVID-19 travel restrictions are lifted, while 67% believe virtual meetings will replace some or all business trips or meetings.


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