Scottish government accused of “secret talks” to bring back Edinburgh Congestion Charge

Scotland’s SNP/Green administration and Edinburgh city council are said to be plotting to revive the idea of a congestion charge in the country’s capital, nearly 20 years after residents rejected the plan.

The Scottish Daily Express reports the City’s transport convener Scott Arthur has revealed that officials are “working with the Scottish Government on pay-as-you-drive”, adding “that’s what used to be called congestion charge”.

The Scottish Labour councillor is quoted as adding: “The idea of a cordon around the city is not ruled out yet, but I think road pricing is the way to deal with this in future.

“It gives us much more control for different parts of the city, different times of the day, different pricing for different routes and maybe different pricing for different vehicles. I think there’s much more flexibility there if we get those powers right.”

The original congestion charge plans were put to a referendum in February 2005, with nearly three quarters of voters coming out against the idea.

(Picture – Yay Images)


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