Separating driverless fact from fiction on this week’s Highways Voices

This week on Highways Voices we talk about driverless car technology, regulation, and industry developments.

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Guest Dr Henriette Cornet has recently joined the University of San Francisco after previously working on the European SHOW and ULTIMO projects, as well as being a member of the CCAM executive board and writing a book on the subject.

She explains how last mile solutions are becoming early examples of the technology: “So you would have autonomous vehicles maybe taking you to the first public transport station, metro station, and having like this collaboration between private partners and public partners working together,” she says. But she adds that robotaxis are effective too, explaining her experience of riding them in San Francisco: “That’s kind of amazing, actually, and I think there’s still many people in the world that don’t believe it. Like, when you are in the bubble of CCAM, everybody knows that, but talking to people outside of it, it’s still a bit of science fiction aspect. It’s really very fast to get into a car. And I use them regularly.”

You’ll hear her views on regulation, how Europe can avoid being left behind, and why it’s not technology that’s stopping us getting in a driverless cab in London.

Plus, find out why Yunex Traffic win Adrian’s Accolade this week, and hear some headlines from the Highways News website.

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