Stan The App pothole reporting solution partners with the RAC

The RAC has partnered with a new mobile app for people to report potholes.

It says Stan is set to transform the way communities interact with their local infrastructure by providing a user-friendly AI-powered platform to report and address potholes quickly and hold local authorities to account for making good on their roadways.

It explains that Stan allows users to report potholes with just a few taps, providing a direct and streamlined connection between citizens and local authorities through an easy-to-use interface to let users select either photo or video mode to collect thousands of data points in just a ten-minute drive.

Each pothole identified, and report generated, helps “contribute towards a collective voice”. By consolidating all submitted reports, Stan demonstrates to road authorities the extent of damage and necessary repairs.

Mark Morrell, known as Mr Pothole, a leading advocate for improved road infrastructure, has welcomed the tech saying: “I am pleased to see the introduction of innovative AI technology in the battle against Britain’s pothole problem and road degradation. Together we must collectively work towards creating safer roads for our local communities.”

The collaboration with the RAC aims to inspire its members to report road conditions and actively contribute to the collection of comprehensive roadway data.

“Stan is not just an app; it’s a catalyst for positive change in our communities. Potholes pose a significant risk to road users, and with Stan, we are empowering communities to play an active role in ensuring safer roads,” said Mike Mockford, Product Owner of Stan. “Our partnership with the RAC is a testament to our commitment to making a real difference, and we are excited about the combined efforts in creating a more secure and reliable road infrastructure.”

RAC head of policy Simon Williams added: “Pothole-ridden roads are the scourge of every driver which is why we are so keen to work with Metricell to promote the use of the free Stan app. If used by drivers widely enough, Stan has the potential to keep councils informed of all the major road defects on their networks, enabling them to take faster action leading to safer, more comfortable journeys.
“Every pothole left unrepaired can cause expensive damage to vehicles and hurt or even kill anyone on two wheels. The more that can be done to make highways authorities aware of problems with their road surfaces, the better for everyone who uses them.”

Stan is now available for download on the App Store and Google Play here.

Watch more with Mike Mockford here.


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