AI urban traffic management solution gains patent

A patent has been granted for a new traffic management system created by AI company Simpifai Systems and the University of Huddersfield’s artificial intelligence experts. Professor of AI Mauro Vallati and the AI4UTMC research team, including Dr Rongge Guo, Saumya Bhatnagar, and Dr Francesco Percassi, have been working with Simplifai on the use of artificial […]

TomTom works with Microsoft to bring Generative AI into the vehicle

Location and navigation company TomTom has announced it’s working with Microsoft to “bring the benefits of generative artificial intelligence to the global automotive industry”. It says that by leveraging Microsoft’s advancements in AI, TomTom has developed a fully integrated, AI-powered conversational automotive assistant that enables more sophisticated voice interaction with infotainment, location search, and vehicle […]

Road safety improved at notorious junctions thanks to Nota AI’s Safe Crossing solution

An artificial intelligence pedestrian detection and warning solution has been proved to reduce collisions and near misses at a notoriously dangerous junction in South Korea. The Nota AI Safe Crossing technology was introduced into a non-disclosed area of the country to improve safety where visibility for drivers was seen as particularly challenging. This spot was […]

CIHT urges UK Government to focus on data in AI regulation whitepaper

In response to a recent whitepaper consultation on Artificial Intelligence (AI) regulation, the Chartered Institution of Highways & Transportation (CIHT) has advised the UK Government that there needs to be a greater consideration of the role data, local authorities and national bodies have in supporting AI technologies. The CHIT has said there needs to be a […]

Mercedes-Benz uses ChatGPT for in-car voice control upgrade

Mercedes-Benz is expanding the use of artificial intelligence and integrating it into the voice control of its vehicles. It says that, by adding ChatGPT, voice control via the MBUX Voice Assistant’s Hey Mercedes will become even more intuitive. An optional beta programme will start June 16, 2023 in the U.S. for over 900.000 vehicles equipped […]

Nota AI installs advanced smart crosswalk solution to enhance road safety

The South Korean traffic solutions start-up Nota AI, which specialises in using Artificial Intelligence to better manage road intersections, has installed a smart crosswalk on a main road in the country to improve real-time safety for pedestrians in a busy city. To ensure safe driving practices, vehicles approaching the crossing will be instructed to reduce […]

TTF hears how transport technology industry looking to maximise the benefits of AI

The government is working hard to improve its understanding of Artificial Intelligence in transport, its potential and its dangers, as it looks to work out how to best use the technology. Giving the keynote address at the Transport Technology Forum Conference in Leeds, the Department for Transport’s Deputy Chief Scientific Adviser, Dr Annette Pass talked […]

Nota AI™ completes AI parking Proof of Concept in Milton Keynes

Nota AI™ (Nota Incorporated), the South Korean IT start-up, has announced the successful implementation of their newest addition to the Nota ITS solution – smart parking – after completing a trial for their Artificial Intelligence-based parking management system in Milton Keynes. The Proof of Concept used the company’s existing AI Camera technology to analyse parking […]

Pedestrian safety improved thanks to Nota’s AI safe crossing solution

The South Korean traffic solutions start-up Nota AI, which specialises in using Artificial Intelligence to better manage road intersections, is installing its Safe Crossing technology at four main intersections in a Korean city. It is partnering with the city of Daejeon to implement the camera-based technology to prevent pedestrian accidents due to turning cars, jaywalking […]


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