Newspaper calls for debate on road user charging

The Daily Telegraph has published an opinion piece calling for a debate over road pricing to plug the projected funding gap in fuel duty as more people switch to electric vehicles and internal combustion engines become more efficient. In an article linked to the expansion of London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone, the newspaper argues that […]

Transport Secretary calls for Cambridge Congestion Charge rethink

The Transport Secretary Mark Harper has supported calls for the Cambridge congestion charge plans to go “back to the drawing board”. Thplan would see public transport improvements paid for by a £5 minimum daily charge for driving into or within Cambridge, but the majority of people oopposed the charge after a consultation earlier this year. […]

More than half reject Cambridge congestion charge plans

More than half of respondents to a consultation about public transport in Cambridgeshire rejected proposals that include charging motorists. The consultation asked for views about a huge expansion of public transport paid for by a £5 minimum daily charge for driving into or within Cambridge, reports the BBC. More than seven out of 10 respondents […]

Congestion charge being considered in Wales amid concern over pollution

A type of congestion charge is being considered in Wales to help tackle traffic levels as concern grows over pollution levels. Cardiff Council has said public transport improvements, such as £1 bus fares on key routes, needed to be in place before the introduction of any payment, reports the BBC. There are no details related […]

University of Cambridge signals agreement for congestion charge in the city

The University of Cambridge has signalled its agreement with plans for a congestion charge in the city – as long as better public transport services are in place before it begins. In a statement released today (Monday, January 23) the university outlines its broad agreement with the Greater Cambridge Partnership’s proposal to introduce a road charge for […]

Bus companies call for more congestion charging

Bus operating companies are urging ministers to add congestion charge zones in towns and cities to meet climate change goals. The Telegraph reports they suggest a £7 daily charge, imposed on motorists across parts of the country, as part of a package of “carrot and stick” measures to make buses more attractive. It says he […]

Edinburgh in line for congestion charge

Drivers will be charged to enter Edinburgh and there will be a workplace parking levy on some of the biggest companies in Scotland’s capital if the Scottish National Party is re-elected to run Edinburgh City Council next month. The Herald reports that in a key local election pledge, the party wants to charge commuting drivers […]

London Mayor faces Congestion Charge weekend fine criticism

It’s emerged that almost one in 10 drivers caught out by London’s weekend congestion charge have had their fines quashed. More than 34,000 of the 387,174 penalty charges issued during 2021 have been overturned, according to figures released to The Daily Telegraph after a Freedom of Information request.T The paper says the findings come after […]

Scotland could see a return to bridge tolls

They were removed 14 years ago, but now road tolls could return to Scotland’s bridges and tunnels in an attempt to cut car use. The newspaper The Courier reports that the option has been included in plans being drawn up as part of efforts to reach emissions targets. It quotes the Sunday Times as saying […]


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