OEMs can “generate $1600 per vehicle from Connected Car services”

The evolution of mobile connectivity has accelerated at an unprecedented pace. From the foundational 2G that introduced cellular networks to the transformative 4G that revolutionized video streaming, each generation of mobile technology has brought profound changes. Now, with 5G, we are entering an era of “isolated connected solutions” such as 5G-enabled factories, campuses, and stadiums, […]

Driverless vehicles in the here-and-now with Scott Belcher on Highways Voices

This week on Highways Voices, we talk about real world here-and-now driverless solutions. We’re joined by the former President and CEO of ITS America, Scott Belcher who is now Executive Director of ACES Mobility, a group looking to boost last mile Autonomous, Connected, Electric and Shared journeys with a new American initiative. Subscribe to Highways Voices […]

Hyundai connected services users top ten million

Hyundai Motor Group has announced it has surpassed 10 million global connected car service subscribers. The milestone comes just one year and 10 months after reaching 5 million subscribers in August 2021, something which the company says supports the acceleration of the Group’s Software-Defined Vehicle (SDV) strategy. Hyundai says the services used “have evolved beyond […]

Toyota admits two million connected cars were open to external access for ten years

Carmaker Toyota has admitted that data of more than two million users of its internet-connected car services in Japan had been left accessible for nearly a decade. The website NHK World reports the Japanese company says the data included vehicle location and car identification numbers of users of T-Connect and other connected car services. It […]

VicOne and TomTom partner on in-car data privacy

Automotive cybersecurity solutions companyVicOne is partnering with geolocation technology firm TomTom on protecting data privacy in-vehicle through purpose-built smart cockpit cybersecurity software. They say that, focused on delivering greatly enhanced and more secure services to car users to extend their cabin experience, automotive ecosystem players are now planning to provide in-vehicle infotainment apps, for conference […]

In-vehicle signage delivered direct to car’s head unit without mobile phone interface

A group of data experts have successfully delivered live, dynamic in-vehicle signage into a vehicle’s head unit using the car’s own connectivity rather than a tethered smartphone Transport for West Midlands and KL Systems transmitted real-time road signs into a Polestar vehicle during tests at Warwick University.  The demonstration proves that connected cars can automatically […]

Company gives its vision of transport’s connected future

The provider of passenger and fleet management solutions to the transport industry, Nomad Digital, has written an opinion piece on where it sees the future of travel in a connected world. We have shared it with you here on Highways News: In 2023, we are living in a connected world. We communicate through robust virtual […]

5G funding announced for West Midlands

West Midlands 5G Limited has announced £2.4 million of funding for seven UK-based consortiums to support the development of new connected products and services which it hopes will transform transport across the region. It says the funding competition’s first phase will deliver exciting innovation projects that – if successful – will either provide a use […]


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