Extra investment is helping to keep highways drains clear in Lancashire

Lancashire County Council has invested an extra £500,000 to ensure its highways teams are better equipped to respond to problems with blocked drains. The cash boost agreed as part of this year’s budget will ensure that more gully cleansing vehicles are available to respond to incidents such as flooding this winter without interrupting the day-to-day […]

Worcestershire CC spends £2.5m on drain maintenance programme

Worcestershire County Council has invested £2.5million programme to improve hundreds of drains and gullies across the region. The work aims to reduce the risk of flooding across the county with highways officers tackling 20 countrywide ‘wetspots’ – areas which have often flooded in autumn and winter. Additional funding will mean a number of trash screens, […]

Dorset Council invests £200,000 in new drainage technology

Dorset Council has increased its spending on drainage maintenance by £200,000 and has invested in two new machines to help keep the county’s roads from flooding. Dorset Highways has taken ownership of a new gully cart along with a new jetter to support its drainage fleet, which forms part of the council’s new preventative maintenance […]

Additional funding for drainage shows Hertfordshire County Council’s commitment to making a difference to ‘the consequences of climate change’

A four-year package to improve the drainage systems on the Hertfordshire road network comes into effect this year with the highways teams at Hertfordshire County Council making use of additional drainage funding of £16million. Climate change has caused different rainfall patterns in the last few years, which means the drainage provision on the council’s roads […]


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