FLIR’s latest wrong-way driving safety technology delivered in Arizona

In response to the increase in accidents and fatalities due to wrong-way driving on freeways, camera technology company FLIR has been selected by the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) to design and implement a detection and countermeasure decision-support system based on FLIR’s Cameleon ITS and TrafiSense video-analytic thermal cameras. When a vehicle passes through the […]

FLIR adds AI to traffic cameras

Traffic camera maker FLIR has added artificial intelligence to its traffic camera software which it says optimises traffic flow on roads and at intersections. It says that, combined with its Acyclica cloud platform its ThermiCam and TrafiCam cameras can be used by cities to apply AI-camera data to predict traffic, prevent congestion and potential accidents, […]

FLIR introduces touch-free sensors to reduce virus spread

The sensing solutions company FLIR has introduced sensors to trigger pedestrian crossings, meaning people don’t need to touch a button anymore. The company says this reduces the risk of virus transmission, clearly a major issue around Coronavirus, and reduces the risk of large crowds breaking social distancing regulations. “Pedestrian crossings usually have physical push-buttons to […]

FLIR releases thermal imaging dataset

The machine vision company FLIR has released datasets from thermal imaging cameras, designed to help in the development of vehicle safety systems. Annotated data from six European cities, including London, they contain a total of 14,353 annotated thermal images to increase testing and development of convolutional neural networks. The images were taken in a variety […]


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