Ford trials automatic driver alerts for pedestrians and cyclists

Engineers at Ford’s Research and Engineering Centre in Essex are testing smart driver alert technology – in the form of visual displays and warning tones – to clearly convey the location of other road users or pedestrians. In addition, they are testing the use of intuitive sounds – such as footsteps, bicycle bells and the […]

Ford adds self parking to app

Ford has added the ability for a car to park itself to the latest version of its FordPass Connect app. The website electrek has spotted that if an update to its app comes to fruition, the F-150 Lightning will soon be able to park itself via remote control using phone apps. It’s reported that the […]

Ford aims to be connected commercial vehicles’ “Tesla”

Ford Motor Company Chief Executive Jim Farley says he wants investors and commercial vehicle customers to pay more attention to the software and services the company wants to sell with those trucks, as well as to the company’s electric Transit vans and its portfolio of combustion engine commercial vehicles. Reuters reports that, at an event […]

Ford exec predicts the car will become “an immersive experience”

A leading executive tasked with planning Ford Motor Company’s technological future is predicting that the disruption to the auto industry from software, autonomy and electrification is going to be as big as anything that affected the industry in the last century. Chief Officer, Advanced Technology and Embedded Systems Doug Field (pictured), who previously worked for […]

New connected “Roadsafe” dashboard helps Ford drivers steer clear of hidden hazzards

The carmaker Ford has partnered with a consortium co-funded by the UK’s innovation agency, Innovate UK to develop technology to predict traffic incident locations based on data from connected vehicles, roadside sensors and accident reports. It says its “RoadSafe” solution has the potential to alert drivers to higher risk locations and also provide local authorities […]

GM sues Ford over hands-free branding

General Motors is suing rival Ford over claims it’s violated a trademarked driver-assist technology that’s used for hands-free features. Bloomberg reports that GM says it’s taking action to protect the Cruise and Super-Cruise brands after Ford renamed its Co-Pilot360 automated driving system as “Blue Cruise”. The report says that GM says talks to resolve the […]

Hermes and Ford use ‘hidden’ drivers to trial autonomous delivery vans

The delivery company Hermes and vehicle maker Ford are teaming up to conduct trials with ‘hidden’ drivers to help understand how people are likely to respond to autonomous delivery vehicles. The specially modified Ford Transit features a number of sensors designed to mimic the look of a fully self-driving vehicle, while a ‘human car seat’ […]

Ford adds break-in alerts to European cars

Carmaker Ford has made its smartphone-connected heightened security system, SecuriAlert, available to car owners for the first time. Once activated, SecuriAlert sends a notification to the vehicle owner’s smartphone if it identifies any vehicle activity, including attempts to open doors or gain access with a key, which Ford says provides peace of mind to customers […]

Ford focussing on EVs and connectivity

The carmaker Ford is committing to 40% of its global vehicle volume being all-electric by 2030, and is raising planned electrification spending to $30+ billion (£21.25 billion) by 2025. It says this investment includes development of IonBoost solid state batteries while it plans for growth and value creation based on ‘always-on’ customer relationships and leadership […]

Ford patents tech to read roadside advertising

The carmaker Ford may have come up with a new way to raise revenue – displaying the advertising beside the road on your car’s infotainment screen. has spotted that Ford has patented technology which scans the billboards, interpreting the information on the sign, and delivering the most useful bits right into the vehicle’s display. […]


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