Gaist webinar asks ‘Artificial Intelligence or Magic – You Decide’

The use of Artificial Intelligence is described as (in turn) the saviour and the downfall of industries as diverse as healthcare, finance and transport – heralding a brave new world in which everyday tasks are performed for us by machines. The puzzle of real-world Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications in the short- and medium-term is hard […]

AISIN and Gaist report early findings from their partnership

Following the launch of the joint offer between Gaist and Aisin, three local authority early adopters have already been confirmed and many others are actively exploring the possibilities for using RoadTrace™ insights to benefit their highways safety and maintenance provision. The companies say they thought it might be interesting to share some of the anonymised results of […]

Gaist rebrands and launches new website

The roadscape technology company Gaist has launched a rebrand and new website, explaining that keeping things fresh, constantly improving them and finding better ways to provide value to customers are “hallmarks of Gaist’s approach to business”. The Company says it’s enjoying its best year yet for client acquisition, and the rebrand, as well as looking […]

Gaist launches roadscape white paper

The roadscape technology company Gaist has launched a white paper called, ‘understanding the roadscape, the answer to life, the universe and everything?’, exploring questions around the strategic implications of decisions made on our roads today, and what is needed to take a longer-term view on how and who uses our roads and the spaces around […]

Gaist and Aisin partner to make Vision Zero a reality

In this article, John Cartledge, Global Development Manager at Gaist, explores the history of road deaths and the latest partnership Gaist has formed to make the ambition to eliminate all traffic fatalities a reality. With the introduction of the Highway Code in 1931, the concept of road safety was first linked with the road user. […]

Gaist selected for Innovate UK ‘Urban Systems’ Campaign

Over the next 30 years, some 400 million people are expected to move into urban environments across India. This presents major opportunities and obstacles which are captured in part by the Government of India’s 100 Smart Cities mission, requiring the best and brightest in innovation to meet the far-reaching urban challenges. Gaist is among companies […]

Gaist and Aisin: mobility leaders collaborate on cutting-edge road safety solution

The safety of highways across Europe is set to significantly improve following a tie-up between Gaist and Aisin which will combine their advanced technology and data to target potential road defects. Aisin, part of the Toyota Group, has developed technology branded RoadTrace™ which is able to detect unusual driving patterns directly from vehicles on the […]

<strong>Resilient roads and flourishing communities</strong>

Christina Liassides of Gaist on the importance of utilising technology to deliver resilient roads. Well-maintained, resilient roads underpin flourishing local economies and communities. But those responsible for developing local highways strategies face multiple challenges: Constrained budgets, sustainability pressures, increasing customer expectations and the need to conform to the highest safety standards. Responding successfully to these […]

Gaist, Safecote and NIRA combine to exhibit at Cold Comfort, Harrogate

NIRA and Safecote will be hosting a stand (C27) alongside Gaist representatives at the upcoming Cold Comfort Harrogate event– which attracts leaders and policymakers from across the highways, technology and engineering sectors related to winter service provision. The event, held at the Harrogate Convention Centre, on 25th and 26th May, will be one of the first at […]

Gaist: Empowering councils with comprehensive roads data

Reliable, safe roads are fundamental to our everyday lives and to flourishing communities and economies. Their performance and condition hinges on the decisions of their owners and operators. Every day, local authorities face the same challenging questions: Which roads to prioritise for treatments? How to defend those decisions? How to apportion resources and grapple with […]


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