Gaist launches roadscape white paper

The roadscape technology company Gaist has launched a white paper called, ‘understanding the roadscape, the answer to life, the universe and everything?’, exploring questions around the strategic implications of decisions made on our roads today, and what is needed to take a longer-term view on how and who uses our roads and the spaces around it.

The company says the roadscape, taken literally, forms ‘the area around the road in the public domain, or between the fences’- a key point of connectedness for society and an ever changing landscape for road usage.

Gaist explains that roads are at once practical, key economic arteries weaving together financial centres and enabling people to earn and spend money. On the other hand, roads tell stories of geography and history and provide access to space and social infrastructure- at once an entirely practical solution to the challenge of movement of goods and people and provider of less immediately apparent societal benefits and that that is why staff wanted to explore in more detail the wider strategic implications of the data we provide, analyse and interpret.

You can read the article in full here.

This report comes in a busy few weeks for Gaist, exhibiting at LCRIG Strictly Highways, RSTA Fact or Friction and the ITS World Congress alongside upcoming events such as the 20’s Plenty conference and Connected Britain events. The company says that though showcasing the wide range of applications Gaist’s data provision lends itself to, the common thread is the roadscape intelligence that underpins their offer.

(Picture – Gaist)


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