Dundee to begin pavement parking enforcement

Dundee City Council is to begin issuing fines to drivers who park on pavements, double park or block dropped kerbs from next week (beginning 26 February).   The new Scottish rules are designed to tackle the problems caused by inconsiderate parking, especially for people with mobility issues, visual impairments, and those with pushchairs.    It is now […]

Pavement parking powers needed now, councils urge

Powers to ban pavement parking need to be extended to all areas across England to save lives and make our streets safer, more than three years after a government consultation to introduce them ended, according to a new report published by the Local Government Association (LGA). Older and disabled people, including those who use wheelchairs, […]

Edinburgh sets date for pavement parking ban

Edinburgh Council has announced that enforcement against parking on pavements, parking at dropped kerbs and double parking will begin in the city on Monday, 29 January. Scottish regulations giving councils the power to enforce the new rules came into effect on 11 December, aimed at addressing “the inconvenience inconsiderate parking causes to all road users, […]

Transport Scotland begins awareness campaign around pavement parking ban

A public information campaign is getting underway in Scotland to make people aware that they could soon be fined for parking on the pavement. The Transport (Scotland) Act 2019 bans pavement parking, double parking and parking at dropped kerbs, with certain exemptions designated by local authorities – for example to ensure safe access for emergency […]

Welsh Government seeks amended recommendations to Welsh Pavement Parking Taskforce report

The Welsh Pavement Parking Taskforce has The Pavement Parking Taskforce has recommended that using the existing offence of obstruction of the road to address the issue of pavement parking. This approach could deliver additional benefits, allowing local authorities in Wales to deal with both pavement parking and also parked vehicles obstructing Welsh roads, says the […]


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