Authorities given extra time to detail GLF and TSOG plans

The English combined and local authorities who shared £50 million of grants to fix traffic signals as part of the Government’s Plan for Drivers are getting an extra month to detail the schemes they intend to deliver. All eligible authorities received a share of £10m ‘automatic’ funding from the Traffic Signal Obsolescence Grant (TSOG), and […]

TTF Conference focusses on signals – live blog

The Transport Technology Forum is looking at the £70 million signals funding for English local authorities today (25 April). This includes the £50 million already allocated for the Traffic Signals Obsolescence Grant and Green Light Fund, and the bidding process for the Intelligent Traffic Management Fund. Follow our updates here: 10.00 The four main traffic […]

£20m Intelligent Traffic Management Fund process opens

Local Authorities are being invited to form consortia to apply for a share of £20 million of funding to deploy advanced technology for traffic control, using emerging technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence to optimise traffic flow and balance traffic across wider areas. The Intelligent Traffic Management Fund (ITMF) is part of £70 […]

The background behind the £50m traffic signals funding allocation on this week’s Highways Voices

The Department for Transport’s Intelligent Transport Systems Policy Lead has praised local authorities and suppliers in their role in providing the evidence needed to justify the latest multi-million pound funding for traffic signals. Subscribe to Highways Voices free on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts or Pocket Casts and never miss an episode! Speaking on this week’s Highways Voices, Darren Capes […]

100 authorities share £50 million of traffic signals funding

The Department for Transport has released the list of the awards to local authorities from the £50 million of new money announced in the Plan for Drivers to make traffic signals more efficient. As part of the plan announced last October, the funding was confirmed by Secretary of State Mark Harper on 17 March, and […]

Traffic signals funding grant winners to be named in mid March

The Department for Transport is working to release the list of local authorities who have been successful in winning a share of £40 million of new money to make traffic signals more efficient during the week beginning 11 March. It was hoped the awards notices would be released by end of February, but because of […]

Darren Capes gives advice on bidding for share of £20m ITMF traffic signals funding on this week’s Highways Voices

If ever there’s a real must-listen Highways Voices, this is it, as we get a sneak preview of the guidance for the bidding for a share of the £20 million Intelligent Traffic Management Fund with Darren Capes from the Department for Transport. Subscribe to Highways Voices free on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts or Pocket Casts and never miss an […]


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