The background behind the £50m traffic signals funding allocation on this week’s Highways Voices

The Department for Transport’s Intelligent Transport Systems Policy Lead has praised local authorities and suppliers in their role in providing the evidence needed to justify the latest multi-million pound funding for traffic signals.

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Speaking on this week’s Highways Voices, Darren Capes explains that the total of £70 million allocated in the Government’s Plan for Drivers was made possible by the work of authorities who received a share of £15 million to tune up signals in 2021.

“That 15 million pounds delivered something like like… 300 different traffic schemes in 39 different authorities,” he says. “So in terms of actually showing the benefits, showing new equipment going up, showing junctions has been improved, and showing the government that that the authorities would spend this money wisely in the sector and the suppliers were ready and able to do the work – absolutely we proved that we the money would be spent wisely.”

That led to the £30 million Signal Obsolescence Grant and £20 million more for the Green Light Fund which is being distributed to a hundred authorities across England. In the podcast, Mr Capes discusses how it was allocated and what difference it will make to the travelling public. He also alerts signal engineers to make sure their Chief Executives are alerted so they work on the next steps.

He also discusses the excitement of potential of the £20 million for the Intelligent Traffic Management Fund which will be open next week (w/b 1 April) where authorities, supported by their suppliers, can bid for around £2 million of funding to try out new signals technology.

“This is for research funding, rather than maintenance funding and the aim of the ITMF is to set up a small number of more significantly funded beacon sites around England where we provide funding to authorities to implement the next generation of traffic management,” he continues. “Now, again, IMTF does exactly what it says on the tin – it’s funding that’s intended to allow authorities to procure the next generation of traffic management.”

Find out how to get involved, and also hear news from our website, our podcast partners ITS UK and ADEPT, and who wins Adrian’s Accolade, all on this week’s Highways Voices.

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