Between the Lines: PTV launches bus route planning tool

Modelling and simulation software company PTV Group has launched a new web-based toolin the UK to allow local authorities and bus operators to better plan bus and other publictransport routes and timetables. The solution enables operators to deliver services to morepassengers while maximising efficiency and minimising cost. PTV Lines provides planners with immediate feedback on […]

Safer driving, traffic monitoring, the state of the industry and AI on this bonus Intertraffic Highways Voices with SWARCO and AGD Systems

Despite bringing you daily podcasts last week thanks to our sponsors SWARCO and AGD Systems, we still couldn’t fit in everything we gathered, so in this bonus podcast we talk about road safety, companies coming together and artificial intelligence. Subscribe to Highways Voices free on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts or Pocket Casts and never miss an episode! The Australian […]

PTV Group to deliver new strategic transport model for Ho Chi Minh City

Modelling company PTV Group, part of Umovity, has announced it will deliver the new strategic transport model for Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), Vietnam. The metropolis’ Department of Transportation (DoT) has opted for the premier transport planning solution, PTV Visum, as their standard tool to bolster and advance their transportation system. HCMC stands as one […]

Intertraffic Award 2024 nominees announced

The final shortlist of nominations for the Intertraffic Awards 2024 has been announced, with a total of 15 new mobility innovations recognised. Companies very familiar in the UK, Valerann, PTV Group and SKIDATA are among the nominees. The winners will be revealed during the opening ceremony of Intertraffic Amsterdam. The 2024 edition is set to […]

PTV Principal Modeller reflects on the future of modelling

Following the PTV User Group meeting in London on 27 November, the company’s Principal Modeller in the UK, Laurence Chittock has written his thoughts on the event and the state of the industry. He discusses industry challenges, technological advancements including AI and Machine Learning, and adaptability. Highways News publishes his thoughts below, in full: PTV […]

PTV Group pilots its first hardware solution in the UK under Umovity banner

Modelling and simulation software company PTV Group is piloting its first piece of traffic detection hardware in Europe, as part of the integration with its sister company Econolite. The sensor EVO RADAR has been successfully trialled in in South Gloucestershire. The two companies, which merged in January under the Umovity brand, are now actively harnessing […]

PTV offers authorities assistance with free Public Transport Playbook

Transport modelling and software company PTV is offering transport planners and consultants free support through a new publication called the Public Transport Playbook. The company talked to public transport experts around the globe to get the full picture and says “they voluntarily shared their knowledge with us”. The company has summarised the output and its […]

PTV Group to develop integrated, multi-modal transport model for the Hamburg

Modelling and simulation software company PTV Group’s consulting division has been chosen to develop an integrated, multimodal transport model for Hamburg. Over the next two years, PTV Transport Consult GmbH will build a comprehensive demand model for both passenger and commercial transport, focusing on the analysis year 2023. This will provide the Authority for Transport […]

PTV Group celebrates 30th anniversary of the PTV Vissim traffic simulation software

The PTV Group – part of Umovity – is celebrating the 30th anniversary of its PTV Vissim software. This integrated simulation of all road users has already contributed to improved traffic flow and lower emissions in more than 120 countries. The software considers both regional and cultural differences in mobility behaviour. In addition to offering […]


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