PTV Group to deliver new strategic transport model for Ho Chi Minh City

Modelling company PTV Group, part of Umovity, has announced it will deliver the new strategic transport model for Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), Vietnam.

The metropolis’ Department of Transportation (DoT) has opted for the premier transport planning solution, PTV Visum, as their standard tool to bolster and advance their transportation system.

HCMC stands as one of the world’s burgeoning megacities, poised to surpass the 10 million population milestone in the coming years. With a growing population and economy, the metropolis requires a forward-looking mobility strategy, confronting pivotal choices concerning transportation infrastructure. Notably, HCMC is on track to complete its inaugural metro line in July 2024. The forthcoming transport model within PTV Visum will not only integrate road traffic data but also encompass public transit options. This comprehensive perspective of the city’s traffic network will empower the HCMC Department of Transportation to enhance future transport infrastructure planning and optimize the allocation of traffic management resources. 

Christian Haas, CEO of PTV Group, part of Umovity, said: “HCMC is a rapidly expanding megacity in transition, facing significant challenges in terms of mobility. The city is currently charting the course for its transportation system of the future. We are honoured to play a pivotal role in supporting the metropolis in this crucial endeavour.”

“The basic VISUM traffic model has been established since 2018. The upgrade of the model is now part of the ITS system expansion project to modernize urban traffic management in the context of many traffic challenges due to rapid growth in demand and private motorized vehicle ownership. We consider this an effective tool for planning strategic solutions for infrastructure development and urban traffic management”, said Doan Van Tan, the Director of Urban Traffic Management Center. 

Over the next five months, a team of PTV experts, in collaboration with a local partner, will work closely with the DoT facilitate the migration from their old macroscopic model. This effort will involve collecting new data and building a comprehensive strategic planning model in PTV Visum, intended to guide transportation initiatives for the next 5 to 10 years. The state-of-the-art transport model will then provide insights for long-term strategic planning and short-term operational use.

(Picture – PTV)


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