DeepRoad: Evaluate your road survey videos with precision and flexibility

Road surveys and subsequent assessments can be challenging. Hiring survey teams and renting expensive equipment can pose a roadblock to efficient analysis. That is why Strada Imaging has developed DeepRoad, a groundbreaking Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that simplifies the process. DeepRoad is available as a web application that is available for any user, anywhere in the […]

DeepRoad takes road surface inspection into an era of low-cost 3D scanning

Laser scanners are the ultimate benchmark for pavement condition assessment. In spite of their high capital costs, scanners are very effective at measuring road surface distresses and features. Hence, road assessment with scanners is quantitative, reliable, transparent, and traceable. The industry’s experience shows that synchronised 3D data (i.e., depth images) and imagery lead to conclusive […]

Strada Imaging releases AI ‘DeepRoad’ for automated analysis of road inspection videos

An automated system that analyses road inspection videos has been developed by Strada Imaging. DeepRoad has been developed by Strada Imaging Ltd, a Berkshire-based company. It says pavement surface inspection is seriously affected by high per kilometre costs. Equally, Right-of-way (ROW) videos get rarely analysed due to high labour costs. DeepRoad, Strada Imaging’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) […]

A new product from Strada Imaging modernises the practice of coarse visual inspection

By Strada Imaging Introduction Strada Imaging has recently released Pavo CVI, adding vehicle-based road inspection capability to their Pavo product line. An important aspect of road maintenance is coarse visual inspection (CVI), as known in the UK, or windshield surveys, as known in the US, that details road conditions at the network level. During such […]


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