Wejo enters administration

Manchester-based Connected Vehicles technology company Wejo has filed an application to appoint an administrator. In paperwork submitted to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, the Nasdaq-listed company says it is “evaluating whether it will file ancillary insolvency proceedings for the Company and its other subsidiaries in other jurisdictions, including in the United States, in […]

Wejo announces data agreement with Toyota Motor North America

The Manchester-based smart mobility company Wejo has announced a data agreement with Toyota Motor North America. It explains the agreement will allow Wejo to provide personalised connected vehicle data services for participating cloud-connected fleet vehicles in the US, and “represents an important step towards Wejo’s capture of the estimated $61 billion by 2030 service addressable […]

Manchester-based Wejo wins another American contract

Smart Mobility connected, electric and autonomous vehicle data solutions company Wejo has announced that contextual vehicular emergency data company Roadside Telematics Corp has agreed to work towards deployment of Wejo Real-Time Traffic Intelligence. The RTTI product will provide first responders and emergency roadside assistance providers with access to real-time traffic data derived from millions of […]

Wejo launches historic traffic patterns product

Manchester-based global smart mobility company Wejo Group has launched Wejo Historic Traffic Patterns, offering the ability to request specific data and insights from highly granular and accurate historic traffic patterns from any specific location in the US, even if no monitors or sensors were previously installed. This historic traffic pattern data, which can be attributed […]

Wejo Develops AV platform to rapidly accelerate worldwide development and adoption

The Manchester-based Smart Mobility CAV software and analytics company Wejo Group has announced what it calls a breakthrough smart platform, Wejo Autonomous Vehicle Operating System (AV-OS). It says AV-OS is set to rapidly accelerate the development and adoption of AVs for the world’s leading automakers and fleet developers by opening up and democratising access to […]

Wejo launches real time traffic intelligence solution

Manchester-based Connected and Autonomous Vehicle software company Wejo has launched a real time traffic intelligence solution it says can provide critical insights via an up-to-the-minute and holistic view of traffic conditions. The Manchester based company says the Wejo RTTI solution spots safety incidents on roads using aggregated data derived from millions of connected vehicles. The […]

Wejo develops platform to “drive autonomous vehicle reality forward”

Manchester-based Autonomous Vehicle software company Wejo Group has announced it’s developing a Neural Edge platform that will enable intelligent handling of data from vehicles at scale, while providing insights that protect privacy and empower automotive innovation. It says with so much rich data coming from vehicles today, latency and data storage costs are potential obstacles […]

Wejo completes merger to become a listed company

The Manchester based connected vehicle data company Wejo and Virtuoso Acquisition Corp, a publicly traded special purpose acquisition company, have completed their previously announced merger. It means a cash injection to Wejo of around $225.7 million (£167 million) which it says it’ll use to execute its vision of building the “manufacturer-agnostic industry standard in connected […]

Wejo launches new SaaS platform

Manchester-based connected vehicle data company Wejo has launched a new web-based Software as a Service platform to provide insights into travel patterns. Wejo Studio analyses data from millions of connected vehicles and translates billions of data points in near real-time into what the company calls game-changing traffic and journey insights for all business users to […]


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