Wejo launches historic traffic patterns product

Manchester-based global smart mobility company Wejo Group has launched Wejo Historic Traffic Patterns, offering the ability to request specific data and insights from highly granular and accurate historic traffic patterns from any specific location in the US, even if no monitors or sensors were previously installed.

This historic traffic pattern data, which can be attributed to a specific time and location, is derived directly from millions of connected vehicles that have been on up to 95% of America’s roads and highways for the past several years. Wejo says this new product allows government agencies, civil engineering firms, mapping/navigation providers, logistics companies and commercial real estate developers to gather insights directly via an API from the Wejo platform or via the Wejo Studio analytics portal.

It says understanding historic behaviour patterns and movement trends is a prerequisite for any organisation tackling future urban mobility challenges and that this new product allows instant access to a window into the past to understand and visualise data, including travel times, road speeds, and soon to follow vehicle volume density, as well as harsh braking, and rapid acceleration.

“The public and private sectors can utilise this incredibly accurate historical data and in-depth insights to build smart mobility plans than can address road network challenges today and tomorrow,” said Richard Barlow, Founder and CEO, Wejo. “Historical traffic patterns can help city planners and government agencies to commercial real estate developers and logistics managers make data-backed, informed decisions to avoid congestions, reduce crashes, and save lives.”

(Picture – Wejo)


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