Tesla FSD “crushingly good”, states Musk

Elon Musk has spoken out about the capability of Tesla’s FSD software.

“Most people still have no idea how crushingly good Tesla FSD will get,” he declared. “It will be superhuman to such a degree that it will seem strange in the future that humans drove cars, even while exhausted and drunk!

Cars will take you where you want automatically, just like getting in an elevator and pressing a button, something that also used to be manual.”

This statement, reports Torque News, shows Elon Musk’s confidence that Tesla’s FSD will be the mechanism that makes cars driverless and function just like elevators do today – constantly working most of the time without any intervention.

The foundation of this superiority lies in the system’s ability to process and react to vast amounts of data with unparalleled speed and accuracy.

Unlike human drivers, Tesla’s FSD isn’t prone to distractions, fatigue, or impaired judgment. It continuously analyzes data from an array of cameras to make split-second decisions, ensuring optimal safety and efficiency.

The system’s proficiency stems from its advanced machine learning algorithms, which enable it to learn from vast datasets of driving scenarios.

This constant learning process allows Tesla’s FSD to navigate complex urban environments, handle intricate traffic patterns, and anticipate potential hazards with a degree of precision and foresight unattainable by human drivers.

When Musk speaks of Tesla’s FSD technology becoming “superhuman,” he envisions a system that not only matches but significantly exceeds the capabilities of the best human drivers.

Musk suggests that with continuous improvements and updates, Tesla’s FSD will achieve a level of reliability and safety that humans could never consistently maintain.

This superhuman performance includes exceptional situational awareness, instant reaction times, and flawless decision-making in emergencies.


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