Thurrock Council planning to enforce yellow box offences on M25

Thurrock Council is looking to fine motorists for yellow box transgressions at Junction 31 of the M25, using the 2021 legislation to allow authorities outside London use technology to fine drivers for moving traffic offences., using the Local Democracy Reporting Service, reports it’ll look at traffic at Junction 31 of the M25.

It quotes Ben Maney, councillor responsible for Regeneration and Highways, as saying: “We are proposing to begin enforcing moving traffic offences at junction 31, particularly within the yellow junction there. It’s an area has a high flow of traffic that’s not local to Thurrock.

“It is vital that junction is kept clear. If you live in the heart of the borough and there is an incident at the Dartford crossing its often not that incident that causes our local road network to become gridlocked it is people blocking that junction and it’s something police have highlighted.

“It’s a significant capital investment but the returns from the enforcement activity there could be, I don’t want to use the word lucrative but they are but t’s not just about procuring an income it is about keeping an important junctions free flowing.”

(Picture – Google Streetview)


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