Vaisala enhances intelligent winter road maintenance with innovative hybrid road network solution

Winter service specialist, Vaisala, has launched a modular winter road maintenance solution which is set to reduce cost, minimise environmental impact and increase safety.

Vaisala’s hybrid road network solution harnesses the power of accurate observations fueled by Vaisala’s road weather stations, IoT, and mobile sensors. This approach combines local sensor data with unmatched forecasting intelligence models and advanced visualization. As a result, transportation agencies are better able to address the challenges of winter road maintenance through more informed road management decision-making, said the company.

One key element of Vaisala’s modular solution leverages modern internet-connected sensors, Vaisala GroundCast and Vaisala TempCast, that can be deployed virtually anywhere to fill observational network gaps between fixed stations. A recent study found that the GroundCast IoT sensor data can improve forecast quality by up to 70% in the first hour and up to 25% even six hours into the future, said Vaisala.

The benefits of the hybrid winter road maintenance solution include:

•   Improved road safety through enhanced monitoring and forecasting capabilities, enabling proactive treatment before hazards occur.

•   Cost savings through optimized resource deployment and targeted deicing to minimize over-salting.

•   Reduced environmental impact via targeted treatments reducing overall salt/chemical usage.

Changes in climate patterns will shape the future of winter road maintenance, but the hybrid approach will help road maintenance agencies confidently navigate these concerns.

Matt Jones Global Director Roads Business & President Vaisala Inc, said: “Tackling the challenges of winter road maintenance — more extreme weather events, shifting budget constraints, and complex road networks — requires a comprehensive yet customizable solution. Our modular hybrid approach allows agencies to implement just the components they need now, with the ability to seamlessly scale their technology stack as requirements evolve.”



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