Vero and Privacy4Cars launch connected car data privacy solution

Vero and Privacy4Cars have partnered to provide privacy tools and identity protection services for owners of connected cars. The new Indenti-FI solution covers the deletion of data from connected cars and the recovery from identity theft, the companies said.

“Partnering with Vero to launch Identi-FI marks an important evolution in our industry where now a single, value-driven identity theft and connected car deletion service exists to protect dealers and their customers, alike,” Andrea Amico, founder of Privacy4Cars, said.

According to PYMNTs, the new, combined solution includes two tools from Privacy4Cars: AutoCleared, a process that car dealers can use to remove personal information from used vehicles, and Vehicle Privacy Report, which displays badges to vehicle listings on the car dealer’s website, showing that personal data has been erased from each vehicle, according to the release.

Identi-FI also includes Vero’s 3-Generation Fully Management Recovery (FMR), a service that helps restore the identity of victims of identity theft. This service provides remediation and recovery for all forms of identity theft or fraud, regardless of how or when they occurred, the release said. Dealers can offer this service to consumers as an add-on during the sales process.

The new Identi-FI offering is designed to provide a full-circle solution that limits the liability of car dealers and protects consumers from identity theft, no matter where it occurs.

(Picture – Dreamstime/Suwin Puengsamrong)


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