Zenzic updates its UK CAM roadmap

The company co-ordinating the UK’s move to a connected and autonomous mobility future has released an update to its 2030 CAM roadmap.

Zenzic says its mission is for the UK to benefit from proven connected and automated mobility by 2030, with next-generation services and technology are designed and developed in the UK.

The roadmap features more than 500 interconnected tasks, and in the last year Zenzic says it has spoken to organisations across the UK and around the world about the progress, and who is doing what to make it happen.

“A year ago, industry government and academia defined the route to 2020” said Mark Cracknell, Zenzic’s head of technology (pictured during his presentation). “We’re now looking at how activity and progress has been reflected back in the real world.

“The CAM Creators update reflects on how we can understand the activity and progress not just to set the vision but to deliver it.”

In an online presentation, Cracknell explained that over the past year more than 200 organisations have been involved, there are 117 CAM creators, contributing to delivering activities in the roadmap, and 250 milestones in action.

He added that 1,600 datapoints of information on the roadmap’s progress have been gathered. The document also sets out to help organisations identify who they need to be working with to speed up development, giving a “broader view of the ecosystem”.

It also, he explained, identifies what Zenzic calls the ten strengths the UK has; software, automation, testing, safety, connectivity, freight/logistics, sensors, infrastructure, communications and cyber.

Cracknell also talked about the impact of Covid-19 over the past year. He said it has affected the ability to test, but that organisations have worked through it and showed initiative. In the longer term, Zenzic believes CAM can play a major role post-pandemic with freight and logistics being an early user if shared mobility for people is less attractive in the short and medium term.

Zenzic CEO Daniel Ruiz called the roadmap “a tool that shows a single vision of interdependencies and addresses developments needed to achieve CAM at scale by 2030. This brand new release of the Roadmap provides key insights into specific connected and autonomous developments within the UK, highlighting the details of 117 CAM Creators: the organisations who are actively making advancements in the UK.”

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