EXCLUSIVE – SWARCO bringing road marking business to UK

The Austrian traffic technology corporation SWARCO has confirmed that its acquisition of the British road marking company HITEX will lead to the introduction of its lining solutions into the UK. SWARCO’s initial business in the road sector more than 50 years ago was to provide road marking using  the technique of including glass beads within […]

Recommendations for improved active travel delivery-on this week’s Highways Voices

A five-year settlement for local authorities and a change to the Highways Act to allow delivery in accordance to the imperatives of the time are two of the most important things that should be considered to help support future investment and planning for active travel, according to this week’s guest on the Highways Voices podcast. […]

UK confirms pledge for zero-emission HGVs by 2040 and unveils new chargepoint design

All new heavy goods vehicles in the UK will be zero-emission by 2040, the government has confirmed. This, combined with the UK’s 2030 phase out for petrol and diesel cars and vans, represents a world-leading pledge to end the sale of all polluting road vehicles within the next two decades. The UK will become the first country in the world to […]

Technology alone is not enough to reduce transport emissions, says STA

The UK body representing transport groups has made an appeal to world leaders, arguing technology alone is not enough to reduce transport emissions. The Sustainable Transport Alliance (STA) has stated that reducing traffic and shifting towards public and community transport, walking, cycling and shared mobility must be included in the plans for reaching net zero. […]

County Councillors in Norfolk ask for more money for local highway schemes

A call has been made for county councillors in Norfolk who represent urban areas such as Norwich to be given double the money to pay for improvements to local roads. Since 2017 Norfolk County Council has made money available to each county councillor, which they can choose to spend on highways improvement schemes. Councillors can currently […]

Daimler and Visa partner on in-car payments

Carmaker Daimler has signed a deal with Visa to offer “native” in-car payments, meaning entering passwords or relying on mobile devices for payment authentication may soon be a thing of the past. Instead the vehicle itself becomes a biometrically enabled payments device, thanks to Visa’s Delegated Authentication technology. From spring 2022 onwards, Mercedes-Benz customers in […]

Bike hire scheme suspended in Cardiff due to vandalism and theft

Bike share operator nextbike is temporarily removing its rental bikes from the streets of Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan after months of vandalism, thefts and threats against its team in Cardiff. The company says it had to hire a private investigation firm to help the situation and warns the schemes could be permanently closed […]

Cruise seeks permission to commercialise driverless vehicles

The General Motors driverless car subsidiary Cruise is seeking final approval from California to begin commercialising its driverless taxi fleet in San Francisco. CNBC says the self-driving start-up has submitted a permit for an autonomous vehicle deployment with the California Public Utilities Commission. It is the last of six permits needed to begin charging the […]


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