2023/24 winter maintenance plan approved for Nairnshire

The Winter Maintenance Plan for Nairnshire for winter 2023/24 has been approved by Members of the Area Committee, who met on 7 August 2023.

Nairnshire Area Committee Chair, Cllr Michael Green, said: “Winter can be very harsh here in the Highlands, therefore, it’s crucial we put plans in place early to ensure the gritting policy, winter maintenance team and the equipment and supplies required are in place and ready to be used when the winter weather arrives.

“The Highland Council has an approved list of priority routes for treatment and would encourage the public to familiarise themselves with the gritting maps for the area specific to them.”

He added: “A core part of the corporate strategy is participation in the ‘Community self-help’, under the Council’s ‘Winter Resilience’ scheme, where communities can submit applications via their community council to carry out footway gritting operations.”

Applications for the Winter Resilience scheme can be made on the website.

The Council will continue to provide the community with salt/grit, bins, scrapers and reflective waistcoats. It is important to note that this does not replace the service provided by the Council but allows the community to provide an enhanced level of service.

The report, available here, Nairnshire Winter Maintenance Plan, presents the current position regarding the delivery of the Highland Council winter service for 2023/24.

Nairnshire Members approved the plan, which includes priority routes and maps. The plan explains that primary routes are treated first, followed by secondary routes and then all ‘other’ routes as resources permit.

Councillors noted the priorities, timings and resources available for gritting the Nairnshire area network of Primary 66km (20%); Secondary 98km (29%) and Other 169km (51%).

The Council’s Winter Service Policy is in place to ensure a consistent level of service between areas and to ensure, as far as possible, the safety of drivers and pedestrians. However, the operation of that Policy does not, and cannot, ensure that every road and footway will be free of ice or snow at all times.

The Council publishes “Winter Services” leaflets for each operational area providing the public with information on snow clearing and gritting of Council roads along with maps showing the priority attributed to individual roads.


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