30mph limit for Mancunian Way out for consultation

The Mancunian Way’s speed limit in Manchester could be permanently dropped to 30mph.

Since November 2022, a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order has been in place along the motorway reducing its official speed from 50mph to 30mph as part of a Council strategy aimed at preventing future serious collisions.

This trial was brought in following a review on the number and nature of collisions which took place on the road during the past five years.

Reviewing data between May 2016 to May 2021 showed that a total of 47 verified collisions took place, with 58 confirmed victims who had been injured as a result. The Council thinks it is possible these figures could be even higher due to incidents and injuries that went unreported.

These figures exclude the death of a motorist in January 2022 which also saw two other people seriously injured.

Researchers say, with a direct link between speed and the risk of a serious collision the decision has been taken to consult on this potentially lifesaving change to the speed limit, working in consultation with National Highways and the Department for Transport.

The reduction in speed will cover the whole of Mancunian Way between Egerton Street and Fairfield Street, including the 40mph section between Downing Street and Fairfield Street. The new 30mph will connect to existing 20mph or 30mph streets, making the whole area 30mph or below.

The consultation will run for four weeks, closing on December 7. Full details can be found by visiting the Council’s consultation web page.

Councillor Tracey Rawlins, Executive Member for Environment and Transport said: “The Mancunian Way, which was first opened in 1967, is no longer designed to cope with the levels of traffic it sees daily.

“We have gone from an age that saw tens thousands of cars on the road to millions, yet this road is still operating under the same principles it launched under 50 years ago.

“Ultimately we are hoping to prevent injury and potentially save lives by introducing this change.”

(Picture – Manchester City Council)


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