50% of drivers say they would be willing to change their journeys to reduce pollution, says new survey

More than half of drivers would be willing to take a detour if it meant reducing pollution outside of schools, according to a new survey conducted by Renault.

The survey, which involved 2,000 motorists nationwide also revealed that of those drivers whose regular commute involves driving by a school, more than a third said they were aware of an alternative route that they could take.

However, a further 25% were unsure as to whether they would be willing to take a different route, reports Air Quality News.

This survey comes after a new study found that the implementation of School Streets schemes in London reduced nitrogen dioxide by up to 23% during the morning school run.

Despite the improvement in air quality that could be achieved through School Streets, 62% of drivers who had an alternate route to avoid a school said they dont currently take it because it adds more time to their journey.

Tom Barker, electrification manager at Renault UK, said: “Its incredibly positive that so many drivers say they would be willing to change their regular route to help reduce emissions outside of schools.

“However, the fact that a large number wouldnt reroute, shows that we still have some way to go in helping people understand the benefits that this could have. If we could reduce the number of vehicles sitting outside schools in idling traffic by taking a detour, this could really help bring down the amounts of pollutants that children are breathing in.”


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