A roadside challenge for Highways News readers on this week’s Highways Voices

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“If you’re out on your travels, know that there is a site in the locality and can just pop in and take a photograph.” That’s how, according to Rees Jeffreys Road Fund Chairman David Tarrant, Highways Voices listeners and Highways News readers can take part in a bit of fun – helping the Fund find dozens of scenic rest areas it has invested in over the years.

The fund has given money to a wide range of road-related projects over the years – the latest being its £150,000 “Roads of the Future” competition – and one of them was to provide nice places for people to stop on their travels.

However, trustees have realised that they don’t actually know exactly where each of these areas is, and what sort of state of repair they might be in, so are enlisting the help of the industry.

Mr Tarrant explains the fund needs help, “Confirming that there still is a roadside rest of the location, whether it’s still possible to park there, can you confirm that the description on the list we’ve got is actually accurate? Is the correct road noted because it may be that that road has now been bypassed. Have we got the coordinates, you can even use What3Words. [We need a] few words on what the current condition is like – is it tidy, well maintained, totally overgrown? Is there a Rees Jeffrey’s plaque there? And then a photograph or two, from a number of different viewpoints showing the roadside rest area itself.”

The list they have of the roadside rest areas is here and more details about the project are here.

Mr Tarrant also gives a history of William Rees Jeffreys, other things the fund has contributed to and how you could get a grant for an innovative project yourself.

There’s also news from Highways Voices partners about the Transport Technology Forum annual conference, an “unconference” from ITS (UK), that ADEPT and the Future Highways Research Group are publishing guidance on Scope 1 and 2 Greenhouse Gas emissions free to the sector and LCRIG‘s forthcoming event, “Practical steps on the journey to net zero: Understanding the challenge” and also its Project Amber workshop.

Plus you’ll hear a round-up of the news on Highways-News.com and why Milton Keynes wins this week’s “Adrian’s Accolade”.

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