Aberdeen starts LEZ sign installation

Signs are about to go up warning of a new low emission zone in Aberdeen city centre.

As part of a Scotland-wide programme, LEZs are being introduced in Scotland’s four biggest cities, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee, and Aberdeen.

The councils say the objective of introducing these LEZs is to tackle air pollution in city centres, mainly nitrogen dioxide, caused by road traffic. They expect more than four out of five vehicles are likely to be compliant with the LEZ by the time enforcement starts.

Cameras are also to start to be installed on the boundary of the LEZ in the coming weeks although people will not be fined until 1 June 2024.

Motorists driving non-compliant vehicles in the area from that date will be given a fine although there are exemptions including blue badge holders.

Blue badge holders are exempt from all Scottish LEZs and they should register their details with a new LEZ exemption system so that the vehicle they are travelling in can access all the low emission zones in Scotland.

Aberdeen Council says its LEZ will also help the city reach its climate change targets by reducing road transport’s contribution to emissions and prioritising active and sustainable transport movement.

People can now enter their vehicle registration number on the official website for Scotland’s Low Emission Zones to confirm if their vehicle will comply.

Other classes of vehicle which are exempt from the LEZ include emergency services, naval, military or air force vehicles, historic vehicles, showman vehicles, and motorbikes and mopeds.

Households and micro-businesses can apply for a cash grant to assist in the change from a non-compliant vehicle. There is also an additional offer of up to two £500 mobility grants or Travel Better vouchers for people to purchase a bike, e-bike, or public transport voucher.

The LEZ was technically introduced in Aberdeen 2022 with a two year ’grace’ period which means between 2022 and 1 June 2024, drivers will not be fined for entering the LEZ with a non-compliant vehicle.

(Picture – Aberdeen City Council)


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