American state trials pay-per-mile road user charging

Oklahoma is the latest US state to explore the potential of pay-per-mile in collaboration with Emovis, the toll-based mobility solutions company.

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) recently announced a six-month, pay-per-mile pilot progamme called Fair Miles Oklahoma that will launch in July. The Oklahoma state legislature mandated the study in 2021 as guidance for future policy changes.

Emovis points out that, while the rise in consumer adoption of fuel-efficient vehicles is a positive development for public health and the environment, it also has an impact on highway funding that is largely reliant on federal and state gasoline taxes. Emovis’ pay-per-mile solution helps to offset the decline in revenue from the growing number of fuel-efficient vehicles on the roads. This ensures all vehicle owners contribute fairly to tax revenue.

“To maintain funding for roads and bridge maintenance and construction, Oklahoma is one of many states proactively exploring a pay-per-mile program that could replace the current fuel tax model in the future,” said Dawn Sullivan, ODOT Deputy Director. “Participation in this study provides Oklahoma drivers the opportunity to be part of Oklahoma’s transportation future.”

As part of the pilot, Oklahoma will be able to assess the benefits and identify potential hurdles. Drivers who volunteer to be part of the pilot through the Fair Miles Oklahoma website will have  several Mileage Reporting Options (MRO), including  an on-board device (OBD-II)  and telematics (if provided by the vehicle manufacturer). The pilot will involve project management, implementation, participant onboarding, mileage collection, account management, reporting and data analysis.

Upon completion of the pilot, ODOT will draft a comprehensive report for state lawmakers, which will describe the results and lessons learned for future policy decisions.  

Oklahoma joins four other states that have previously rolled out the Emovis pay-per-mile solution: Oregon, Utah, Virginia and Washington.

“Our partnership with Oklahoma is further validation of Emovis’ continued leadership in pay-per-mile programmes in the United States,” said Christian Barrientos, CEO of Abertis Mobility Services. “We look forward to assisting the Oklahoma Department of Transportation and its consultants in evaluating pay-per-mile as the state continues to be at the forefront of national transportation solutions.”

(Picture – Shutterstock supplied by Emovis)


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