ARTSM features Guidance for the Use of Portable Traffic Signals, Edition 1

The Association for Road Traffic Safety and Management has issued guidance intended to replace the DfT Pink Book and TALS 2/11 and 3/11 with immediate effect.

DfT have confirmed they will begin the process of withdrawal now the new the Use of Portable Traffic Signals, Edition 1 has been released.

Trainers, TM operatives, utilities works teams and local authority highways traffic management teams are urged to purchase the new Guidance which includes a new element on timings – which ARTSM says is a crucial element of traffic management. 

The new Guidance will assist those creating training for both National Highways Sector Scheme 12, and Streetworks & Utilities works to ensure better application for set up and use.

“We thank all those involved in providing feedback during the consultation process, including DfT and the Health & Safety Executive,” ARTSM says in a statement.  “We have reviewed all comments received and we are hopeful that the Guidance will clarify areas of previous uncertainty by drawing all relevant text and earlier guidance into a single place of reference.”

The Guidance can be purchased from ARTSM via our website  Sales | ARTSM

(Picture – ARTSM)


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